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Social & Economic Development Through Employment

Boost your company’s growth through effective organizational and individual development. By making sure that your employees are well equipped and skilled to perform their functions and obligations, you not only empower them to maximize their potential but also forge a bright future for your enterprise.

Our company is a career development and employment firm focused on helping businesses flourish. We do this by advancing the personal careers of the people we hire and assisting or investing in new business development. 

Helping Individuals & Businesses Connect Is What We Do Best

Boost your company’s growth through effective organizational and individual development. By making sure that your employees are well equipped and skilled to perform their functions and obligations, you not only empower them to maximize their potential but also forge a bright future for your enterprise.

Our company is your HR Partner with a focus on retention, recruitment & staffing, incentive programs, training programs & career development.

By individualizing our attention, people become far more stimulated to develop personally, and YOU are the foundation as an employer. These fundamental incentives ignite passion, dedication, self-motivation, drive & longevity from our employees, in confidence that they will enhance overall retention concerns. 

Our partnership is focused on helping your business flourish. 

A Passion for Helping You Reach Bigger Goals

What sets Core Connect  Strategies apart from other agencies is our pure intentions connecting to our passion. Our advantage in supporting your staffing needs & retention concerns, we strategically build people personally & continuously to be an effective support to building your business.

We offer people an opportunity to establish their foundation in long term employment while also supporting their fundamental needs for personal growth, exclusive to each individual. We analyze personality and behavioral traits matching the positions’ requirements as well as their personal interest and passion for the work within the industry they are connected with. 

The objective is to find employment for individuals who would not consider a position as “just a job” or a "gig" but an opportunity to build and grow personally while making you their core.

What more does an organization want other than employees who love what they do, are at work every day because they want to be there, who give their loyalty to the organization when an offer like this is presented to them? This doesn’t mean that the organization has to spend too much to make everyone happy, but a little effort in team work, sincerity, trust & loyalty, everyone can go a VERY long way.

Our Clients

We love to work with companies who understand the importance of engagement, open communication, development, trust, and loyalty. We see these as the most critical tools in developing an organization to its greatest extent through exercising these traits with the employees who will respond with the same characteristics.

We want to partner with business owners who have a genuine interest in and who understand the importance of providing innovative incentives programs, training  & development programs that will keep their employees consistently stimulated, driven, dedicated & self-motivated. If your organization falls under this category, reach out to us for an empowering partnership.

Companies who are interested in working with us would typically need to meet this basic criteria. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Mission Statement

We view people as the most important asset in meeting an organization’s goals, strategies, and objectives. They can also be a great factor in increasing a company’s competitive advantage. Core-Connect Development Strategies helps empower organizations through a systematic selection process that examines, trains, and meets the demands of both the individual and the organization at large.

About Us

Cor Connect Strategies is Innovative human resources & talent acquisition team with a focus in HR Partnership, Technical, Professional & Executive Recruiting & Headhunting, Training & Development, Deferred Compensation, Job Analysis, Team Building, Personal Employee Growth, Behavioral & Technical Assessments.

Staffing & Recruiting focus generally within the manufacturing, production, construction, mining, transportation, warehousing, distribution and industrial environments for all position levels from general labor to executive. Innovative development of incentive programs, training programs and revamping recruiting processes & exit interviews.

Developing assessments based on position descriptions, behavioral/traits evaluations and career development strategies for each individual. We each naturally hold a strong passion, drive, and ambition to ensure your goals are met as an individual or as an organization. We show that we care through loyalty, honesty, and sincerity while developing a process specific to your individual needs.

Why Choose Us?

With more than 10 years of experience, we are loyal to our partner organizations and individuals. We are honest in our work and seek the enjoyment of seeing people exceed their limits and even setting higher limits for themselves. When they reach that mindset and determination, the organizations we work with see great results within their businesses as these individuals become great assets to their team.

What is a better option for an organization than someone who actually enjoys what your organization does and is trained and passionate about the field they are in?

We want people to know that they can do so much more than what they may think their capable of and be a part of a team that can support them in recognizing their greater potential. 

One of our goals is to help organizations become more prominent and stronger by helping them understand the importance of empowering their employees. We have repeatedly created great recruiting processes, incentive programs, training programs and management processes for organizations and individuals that have been such a great success.


A Message From Our Founder

“In 2016, Core-Connect Development Strategies was established through the process of my very own personal development & growth within the employment industry. After experiencing hardship between all parties in this field, I felt the need to create a precise technique for individuals and organizations without the typical limits put on the most Ambitious Recruiters or Human Resource Associates.

I believe that a creative mind should be freed into order to express the greatest goals, techniques, and results. After all, limiting people’s ideas is limiting success as a whole.

I have experienced being an employee seeking work through recruiters and agencies, and I understand the struggle of being a candidate looking for something solid and firm for their personal growth.
I have also handled positions including employment recruiting, headhunting, branch management, and human resources within large companies such as SC Johnson, Grover Manufacturing, and Abbott Laboratories.

Because of my extensive experience, I know the difficulties within the process and the various opportunities that can be derived from those hardships.

"My fervent belief is that if you have a genuine interest in what you are doing, then obstables cease to exist. It is a constant empowerment when you get a sense of doing the work you love while continuously growing.”
--Aaliyah Alshaar


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